Pregnancy: Week 14

We announced the pregnancy news on social media this week. You can read that here.

The bump: 14 weeks

The bump: 14 weeks

Working feel time, while personally satisfying, is requiring a new whole juggling act. Taking some time to work the kinks.

Week Fourteen WODS

Oct. 28 LOVING the fall weather!: Run 3.05 miles with the pooch (168 max heart rate)

Oct. 30 warm up

Strength/skill: Tabata – very happy I was able to maintain consistent reps for the first and third exercises

  • KBS (25#) – 88 total
  • Bar hangs – made it 5 or 8 straight
  • Air squats – 96 total

Metcon: Another workout that was difficult to maintain a reasonable heart rate. Had to take a number of breaks. Basically it was FRAN with running:

  • 21 thrusters (95/65) I did 45#, 21 pull ups; I used green band, 400m run
  • 15 thrusters, 15 pull ups, 400m run
  • 9 thrusters, 9 pull ups, 400m run
  • Total time: 20:30

Nov. 1 warm up 500m row

Strength/skill: weighted ring rows 10-10-6-6-4-4 I stuck to my body weight. That was challenging enough!


a. 3 rounds – 100 single jump ropes, 30 walking lunges, 15 sit ups – 9:21

b. 3 rounds – burpee to ground overhead (45/25); I just did the weight ground to overhead, 10 pull ups, 15 air squats – 16:19

c. 3 rounds – 100 feet farmer carries (2/1.5 pood), 12 med ball cleans (20/14) – 23:56

Food: Loving lemonade, iced tea, Popsicles, and eating WAY TOO MUCH Halloween candy. Ugh! Otherwise, fairly back to normal. I am needing carbs/grains to get me through the day.

Pregnancy: Week Eight

We had an appointment with our OB/GYN this week. He was awesome about everything – especially my CrossFit. He specifically said, “Everything you were doing prior to the pregnancy, you can continue. Just monitor your heart rate.”


He did mention that moving into the next trimesters, I will want to be careful with lifting too much because as my body and muscles expand to prepare for the birth, I can hurt myself/over-do. I won’t hurt the baby by lifting though.

This news and information made both the hubs and I much more comfortable with my CrossFit routine and what to prepare for.

Biggest changes are in my boobs. They are suddenly huge and very painful.

Week Eight WODS:

Sept. 16 Warm up 500m row

Strength/skill: weighted push ups (5×3) Got to 30#

Metcon: For time: 400m run, 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, 200m run, 40 push ups, 40 sit ups, 200m run, 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, 200m run, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups – 19:46

Sept. 17 Warm up

Strength/skill: front squats (10-8-6-4-2) Got to 115#

Metcon: 12 min amrap: 6 wall ball clean & throw (20/14), 8 box jumps (24’/20′), 6 KBS (1.5/1 pood) – 6 + 12

Heart rate: maintained around 160

Sept. 20 Warm up: core work

Metcon: “Helen” 3 rounds – 400m run (I rowed), 21 kbs, 12 pull ups – 13:46 Heart rate was 162

Food: I had an aversion to cooking this week. Poor hubs. I’ll eat anything put in front of me, but cooking/handling meat is completely unappealing.

Hitting the Box: Baby Steps

All the research from the day before really did me no good. I was still confused about what I should and shouldn’t be doing when it came to my pregnancy fitness. CrossFitMom is great, but I wasn’t looking for programming; I was looking for answers.

I needed some normalcy, so I hit the box.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

August 27 WOD:

Warm up

Strength: Push Press 10-8-6-4-2 I got to 105#, but only one rep.

Metcon: Partner WOD 20 min AMRAP Push Press (95/65), double unders; partners switch every minute. I managed 74 push press and 160 singles for a total of 244 reps. My partner managed 380 reps.

I felt good during the strength portion, but was struggling during the metcon. I was watching women I competed with prior to pregnancy knowledge doing circles around me. I think my fear of doing something wrong was eating at my subconscious. Throughout the metcon, I kept catching my hubs’ eye to let him know I wasn’t feeling right. We were both at a loss.

Two days later, I hit the box again.

August 29 WOD:

Warm up: 500m row, 61 kbs (1 pood), 30 slamballs (15#)

Strength: Max reps in 2 min: box jumps (40 at 20′), push ups (50), situps (60)

Metcon: 20 min AMRAP 50m plate run (45/25), 10 med ball cleans (20/14), 10 pull ups, 20 alternating lunges. I skipped the plate run and added the 25# to my alternating lunges. Managed 6 rounds + 9 reps.

Felt better today and whatever was gnawing at me two days before had subsided. Considering the entire WOD was basically 3-in-1, I was happy about my numbers.

On Friday, August 30, I skipped the box for a lunchtime power yoga session to celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday. I felt empowered on my mat. While the class was tough, crowded, hot and full of advanced yogis, I kept up and challenged myself into some balancing poses I typically struggle with. Little did I know, the hot rooms can cook the baby (not really, but I can’t shake this image from my head) … little did I know, pregnant women shouldn’t let their body temps get too high, but that class I left glowing from sweat and pose success.

I guess I really didn’t take baby steps. More like broad jumps!

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Courtesy of:

CrossFit and Pregnant – Part 1

It’s Monday, August 26. I have a sneaking suspension that I’m pregnant. After suiting up for CrossFit, I ran to Target “to pick up a few things,” is what I tell my husband.

I head right to that aisle. You know the one. The one filled with all the embarrassing jellies and creams and condoms and pleasure packs … “Holy crap. There are so many choices, how do I pick one?” is what I think as I scan the rows of pregnancy tests. I go for cheapest – Target’s Up & Up line.


I return home, to an empty house, thankful my hubs went to the early afternoon CrossFit class. I needed to tackle this alone. Within seconds (literally seconds!) of peeing on that little stick, a plus sign appears.


I’m stunned.

Call me/us naive, but we really thought it would take longer. For YEARS, I have worried that I would never be able to have children. Not that I ever went through fertility testing, but it took my parents years to conceive and more years for them to conceive my sister. I’ve had numerous cousins miscarry and aunts unable to get pregnant. And so many friends who have faced the full range of pregnancy challenges (adoption, in vitro, surrogates, miscarriages, special needs births)  I figured we’d be dealt similar challenges. Never in a million years did either of us think we’d be pregnant within two months of trying. And we weren’t really trying. I mean, we weren’t not trying, but given our ages, we thought we’d get a head-start, expecting it to take longer. A lot longer.

Back to that afternoon.

I am paralyzed. Stunned. In tears. Unsure of what to do, think, say. I looked at pictures of CrossFit women and cried knowing my physique was no longer mine. I cried because I’m unemployed and “who’s going to hire a pregnant girl?!” Selfish, I know. I know we’re extremely lucky and blessed and all that jazz, but in those first moments, all I could think about were about the career and fitness challenges I would face the rest of my life.

Endless questions ran through my head – can I CrossFit pregnant? What about yoga? Running? Could I hurt the baby doing any of this? How much would fitness have to take a backseat? I was Googling everything and trying to absorb as much as I could.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to CrossFit that night. I waited, stick in hand, for the hubs to return. His reaction of joy and excitement washed away some of my uncertainty.

And guess what, you can CrossFit while pregnant. You can also run, hike, do yoga, walk the dog, have sex … all my fitness favorites!

I created this site to focus on my CrossFit + pregnant nine months and the share stories of those who walked before. Because CrossFit is still fairly new, the resources and research are limited. It’s my hope that by telling my story and the stories of other CrossFit moms, we’ll pave a path for information, sharing, inspiration and joy for the women that follow.

CrossFit and Pregnant. Here’s to the next nine months!