Hitting the Box: Baby Steps

All the research from the day before really did me no good. I was still confused about what I should and shouldn’t be doing when it came to my pregnancy fitness. CrossFitMom is great, but I wasn’t looking for programming; I was looking for answers.

I needed some normalcy, so I hit the box.

Courtesy of reebok.com

Courtesy of reebok.com

August 27 WOD:

Warm up

Strength: Push Press 10-8-6-4-2 I got to 105#, but only one rep.

Metcon: Partner WOD 20 min AMRAP Push Press (95/65), double unders; partners switch every minute. I managed 74 push press and 160 singles for a total of 244 reps. My partner managed 380 reps.

I felt good during the strength portion, but was struggling during the metcon. I was watching women I competed with prior to pregnancy knowledge doing circles around me. I think my fear of doing something wrong was eating at my subconscious. Throughout the metcon, I kept catching my hubs’ eye to let him know I wasn’t feeling right. We were both at a loss.

Two days later, I hit the box again.

August 29 WOD:

Warm up: 500m row, 61 kbs (1 pood), 30 slamballs (15#)

Strength: Max reps in 2 min: box jumps (40 at 20′), push ups (50), situps (60)

Metcon: 20 min AMRAP 50m plate run (45/25), 10 med ball cleans (20/14), 10 pull ups, 20 alternating lunges. I skipped the plate run and added the 25# to my alternating lunges. Managed 6 rounds + 9 reps.

Felt better today and whatever was gnawing at me two days before had subsided. Considering the entire WOD was basically 3-in-1, I was happy about my numbers.

On Friday, August 30, I skipped the box for a lunchtime power yoga session to celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday. I felt empowered on my mat. While the class was tough, crowded, hot and full of advanced yogis, I kept up and challenged myself into some balancing poses I typically struggle with. Little did I know, the hot rooms can cook the baby (not really, but I can’t shake this image from my head) … little did I know, pregnant women shouldn’t let their body temps get too high, but that class I left glowing from sweat and pose success.

I guess I really didn’t take baby steps. More like broad jumps!

Courtesy of: dbstrength.com

Courtesy of: dbstrength.com

3 thoughts on “Hitting the Box: Baby Steps

  1. As a rule of thumb, you should try to keep your heart rate at around 120/min during pregnancy in order not to cause unnecessary stress on your baby. Don’t squat as low or as heavy as you’re used to because your joints and ligaments are more limber (because of the relaxin) and you could cause permanent damage. Otherwise, TRUST and LISTEN to your body and ask advice to your doctor! 🙂


  2. So, I crossfited my entire pregnancy. MY ENTIRE PREGNANCY-that kid was 10 frikin days late!

    anyways-my rule of thumb was this
    -don’t get overheated. if i felt like i couldn’t cool down, i’d go in front of a fan, chug water, go outside, whatever worked. usually i didn’t go over heated because..
    -i kept to the talk test. i asked my coaches to keep sort of an eye on me during met cons, and if i looked like i was getting out of breath (you know-hunched over, passing out, the like) to come talk to me and make me respond, so that I always was able to keep conversations. i was usually pretty good about keeping my HR down enough to talk but sometimes when a Karen PR is calling your name…

    anyways. those were my rules of thumb. I never did true 1RM (though I DID PR) with weightlifting but it doesn’t mean i stopped lifting if I could do the weight!


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