Hotshots 19 WOD

The next WOD I tackled was the Hotshots 19 WOD in Prescott, Ariz. We had traveled to Prescott after my power yoga session, giving ourselves time to adjust to the elevation and figure out the lay of the land.

The official “Hotshots 19″ WOD: Six rounds (6 rounds because they died in June) for time of:

  • 30 Squats (to commemorate June 30, the day the Hotshots died)
  • 135/95 pound Power clean, 19 reps (19 reps for the 19 fallen)
  • 7 Strict Pull-ups (7 in honor of Fire Station 7, the Hotshots 19 station)
  • Run 400 meters (400 because the fire turned its course around 4 p.m. on June 30)

At 5,400 feet elevation, the 400 meter run was the most lung-sucking part. The hubs did an amazing job, finishing 5 rounds + 30 air squats and 10 power cleans in round six (5+40). He scaled the weight to 95#, but did the strict pull-ups unassisted (a first for him!). I was very proud! I was in Heat 4, finishing 5 rounds + 30 air squats. I scaled the power cleans to 65#, but also did unassisted strict pull-ups for the first time.

Strict pull-ups

Strict pull-ups

Smiling through the pain of running

Smiling through the pain of running

And I felt great before, during and after the event. The elevation (other than during the run) didn’t phase me and I was really proud of my pull-ups. And the babe’s “first competition” was one of meaning and emotion. It hit close to home for us, as one of our CrossFit friends was related to one of the Hotshots.

I’m even more proud of the CrossFit community, who participated in the WOD world-wide. It was inspiring to track photos on social media of people doing it around the globe. And the generosity for the families continues to be impressive. More than $300K has been raised online and more than $21K was raised at the event in Prescott. To help the families of the 19, CrossFit has established a trust fund through its CrossFit Kids Foundation. To donate, visit

More pictures here.

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