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While the foot / ligament tears have kept me out of the box and tied to low-impact at-home workouts, it’s also given me a chance to write my Top 10 list of healthy pregnancy/post-partum tips for a new Brit-based website, Mum in Real Life (MIRL).

Here are my tips:

10. Drink lots of water – even more than recommended – especially when you’re working out. Your body needs it. Your baby needs it. You need it. If you’re bored with water, add citrus, herbs, and cucumber – change it up to keep it interesting.

9. Use pregnancy as an opportunity to nourish your body, not an excuse to eat junk. While obviously the cravings need to be indulged, balance-balance-balance, especially in the second and third trimester. I love making a smoothie for breakfast or lunch and pack it full of veggies, fruit, yogurt and a “chaser” (flax seed, chia, hemp seeds, etc.).

8. Strengthen your legs; they’ll thank you on those late nights when you’re up walking the house trying to get your newborn to sleep. But really, squats, lunges, walking, rowing, jogging, dancing with your partner – keep your legs moving. It helps with circulation, reduces swelling, and just feels good.

7. Keep your core strong. While most women are advised to stop sit ups in the second trimester, you can transition to v-sits, planks, kettlebells workouts, or Pilates movements. You’ll thank yourself later for spending at least 10 minutes a day strengthening your core.

For the rest of my tips and more good info from MIRL, read full article: http://www.m-irl.com/fitness/meet-mum-broke-weight-lifting-record-last-day-pregnancy/

What would you add to my list?

Pregnancy: Week 18

What a crazy, fun week of thanks! We are thankful for this journey and the opportunity to share our experiences. Thank you for joining in on the fun!

Early in the week, we drove to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. We manged to get some great workouts in along the way.

Coronado Dog Beach with the Darrells, who sent us my awesome belly stickers

Coronado Dog Beach with the Darrells, who sent us my awesome belly stickers

I’m definitely getting bigger and the bump is even more obvious. Everyone thought that I grew during our time in San Diego (perhaps it was from all the yummy food we consumed!).

Team Leatherman on Thanksgiving

Team Leatherman on Thanksgiving

Highlights from our trip: CrossFitting at my old box, CrossFit Elyisum, running Fr. Joe’s Turkey Trot 5K, and spending time at Coronado dog beach.

Week 18 WODs:

Nov. 25 warm up 500m row (152 heart rate) + pull up progression

Strength/skill: deadlift 5×5 at 80%; 175# (went beyond 80% because it felt good!)

Metcon: Ran 1.25mi with Frankie (165 heart rate)

CrossFit Elysium's Coach Paul

CrossFit Elysium’s Coach Paul

Nov. 27 (CrossFit Elysium) warm up CFx1 + hip/ankle mobility

Strength/skill: Back squat 6×2 at 80%; 130# (went beyond 80% because it felt good!)

Metcon: “Karen” – 150 wall balls for time; 12:30 with 10# ball (heart rate 168)

Team Leatherman prior to Fr. Joe's Turkey Trot in Balboa Park

Team Leatherman prior to Fr. Joe’s Turkey Trot in Balboa Park

Nov. 28 Fr. Joe’s Turkey Trot (5K). Felt great to run with my boys! We opted not to do it timed, but managed to finish in 38:54 (which included a potty break!). Heart rate to 165.

Took an afternoon walk (~1.25 miles) with the family after dinner, taking in a lot of hills.

Nov. 29 Walked Coronado Dog Beach

Nov. 30 Walked 5 miles around Miramar Lake in 75 minutes. My quads were shot from the first part of the week, so felt great to just walk on a flat surface for a long distance.

18 weeks

18 weeks