Back at it: Week One

Seventeen days post-delivery and I’m working on establishing a routine. We’re starting slow to make sure I don’t injure myself.

My daily routine this week includes walking 1-2 miles with pooch and stroller in tow. Then I’m doing sit-ups and push ups. Both my core and arms feel strong and I’m able to knock out 50 reps of each fairly easily. My stamina is in-tact.

I haven’t made the transition to strict paleo yet, but I’m working on it. Since I’m nursing, I’m trying to stay balanced and clean (yet I have enjoyed some ice cream sandwiches in this heat!). Again, I think taking it slow is the right recipe for me.

The more we’ve learned and heard from other couples about post-partum depression and weepiness, we are both so thankful for the placenta encapsulation. I experienced some weepiness before receiving the pills and I can’t imagine weeks of that. Instead, I’m emotionally even, have energy, and feel like I’m well on my way to full recovery. Highly recommend to anyone considering or who have experienced postpartum depression with previous pregnancies.

In other news … literally news, we’ve had some awesome coverage of the blog. A few we are proud of:

There has been worldwide coverage (a bit bizarre to see my likeness next to all sorts of language) and of course the Jimmy Kimmel spoof (thanks, I guess?!). We also have a few more interviews underway.

Lea Ann Ellison – God bless her. She endured the brunt of the negative commentary with her picture this past Fall. That made our media storm much more bearable and focused on the message Chad and I want to deliver:

Woman can and should maintain their exercise regime while pregnant. It’s not a time to throw all your hard work to the wayside. It’s a chance to embrace your new body, ease your pregnancy and delivery, and set a positive example for your kids.

With this attention, I’m hoping to be able to feature more athletes who are currently CrossFitting and pregnant or who have ventured down the path before. Leave a comment if you’re interested in participating.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

2 thoughts on “Back at it: Week One

  1. So proud of you both for setting such a postive example for pregnant women world wide…..and for showing all how it can be done, within boundaries, and under tight scutiny of your trainer and Drs. Our middle son Jon, was the easiest for me to deliver, due to the fact that I walked miles every day, pushing a stroller with his older brother inside…..and that was 48 yrs ago. I am so happy you are getting your story out there and proving as I also know, how keeping so fit, can result in an easy pregnancy and delivery. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many and for your continued program of exercising. I am sure Florie will be a crossfit little one in no time too. Hugs….


  2. Thank you both for this blog and letting us share in your amazing adventuresome becoming parents. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and still crossfitting. This is my first pregnancy and everyday is new and exciting. I’m trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, staying active (crossfit) and work a full time job.

    Your blog has really helped me to stay motived through my pregnancy so that I can be the healthiest momma-to-be. But most important… Is to listen to my body!

    I look forward to capturing my own journey being pregnant and crossfitting. Thank you for inspiring me!


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