Pregnancy: Week 15

Bump - 15 weeks

Bump – 15 weeks

This was a nutty week for us because we moved my MIL across the country. We’ve driven across the country a number of times, but it definitely wore on me more than ever.

As a result, working out was not a priority. I manged to sneak one in, thanks to the CrossFit Level 1 Coaches Seminar we attended the weekend we returned from the moving trip.

Something I’m struggling with is finding cute, affordable maternity clothes. I obviously know about all the standard stores, but there isn’t much I’m drawn to. Hoping with the holidays fast approaching, the options will improve. I’m most focused on finding work appropriate dresses and pants.

Week Fifteen WODS

Nov. 9 warm up

Strength/skill: The entire day focused on perfecting some of the fundamental moves: the air squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press and push jerk.

Metcon: 3 rounds/10 min time cap – 15 thrusters (95/65) – I did 45# + 12 burpees (modified to push ups & jumping jacks) – 8 minutes

Food:  Pretty similar to week 14 (Loving lemonade, iced tea, Popsicles, and eating WAY TOO MUCH Halloween candy. Ugh! Otherwise, fairly back to normal. I am needing carbs/grains to get me through the day). Definitely working in more paleo options, especially for the hubs since he’s being more disciplined.

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