Pregnancy: Week 35

35 weeks in the box

35 weeks in the box

Ahhhh…homeward stretch! This week, we made it to 30 days from our anticipated due date. Pretty darn crazy.

We’ve been working on the house; I guess in some circles this is considered nesting. We’ve been eliminating, organizing, consolidating – and it feels damn good. I’m definitely more on the organized minimalist side and a good dose of spring cleaning always puts me in good spirits.

All the elimination has also provided plenty of space to organize Baby L’s collection. Our friends and family have been so generous that there isn’t much left for us to buy. So, a huge public THANK YOU!

We did venture into the overwhelmingly large Buy Buy Baby this week to test “drive” strollers and car seats. Holy moly is that store full floor to ceiling! I am so thankful we didn’t start our registry there; I’m afraid I would have taken one look at all the stuff and turned to run. Registering for the baby was difficult to begin with; I can’t imagine dealing with the over abundance of options in Buy Buy Baby to put an actual registry together. For those curious, we registered on Amazon, which offers a super, user-friendly guide to walk new parents through the basics, and Target for ease in our daily lives.

My husband, being the savvy online shopper that he is, found our stroller (BOB Sport), car seat base and adapter through REI at $100 less than Buy Buy Baby with the same 20% discount + free shipping (score!). I have a feeling it’s going to feel much more real seeing those contraptions put together in our house.

While on the subject of registering, I had a revelation this week. So many people are surprised we haven’t found out Baby L’s sex. Going to baby prep classes, we’ve learned we’re in the minority because everyone wants to be able to “plan” and “have control.” However, what I’ve found is that it’s given us more control – we have received almost 80% of what we registered for in the colors we like (green, yellow, gray). I having a feeling many people who announce gender automatically get all pink or blue, but that’s just not our thing. And I love the way Baby L’s space has come together – focused on our colors and theme (dogs!). So, for those of you out there thinking you lose control and the ability to plan, think again!

The other fun project I tackled this week is a wreath for the front door. I wanted it to be spring-time/Easter focused, but the one I loved on good old Pinterest didn’t come with instructions and I was struggling to find coral colored felt in the local craft stores.

Spring rabbit wreath ... without Pinterest instruction

Spring rabbit wreath … without Pinterest instruction

So, I created one in Baby L’s colors (mustard and gray). The most difficult and time consuming part was wrapping the foam wreath with yarn. I loved making all the felt flowers (based on tips from Paper & Stitch) and took three nights to make them. Three nights because I just kept adding to it. I’d hang it on the door and mull over it; add more. I think it turned out pretty perfect!

Our front door is ready for Baby L!

Our front door is ready for Baby L!

Wreath close-up

Wreath close-up

Leslie was fired up last week about the way my nurse practitioner responded to my breast reduction. She reached out to a Facebook mommy group and was directed to a website dedicated to women who have had reductions – Breastfeeding After Reduction. I haven’t spent a lot of time on there yet, but love Leslie’s passion and appreciate her doing some legwork for me!

The other thing I’m strongly considering to help with milk production and overall postpartum recovery is placenta encapsulation. I’ve had a few friends reap the benefits of this and I figure that it can’t hurt! I’m now seeking someone in the Valley that’s reasonably priced and convenient. Recommendations welcome! And if you’ve had any experience with this, would love your input.

Week 35 WODs:

Wednesday, March 26:

warm up

Strength: Overhead squats 6×3 Sara and I got to 90#

35 weeks overhead (3) 35 weeks overhead (2)

35 weeks, overhead squats, 90#

35 weeks, overhead squats, 90#

Metcon: we did a modified Nancy – 5 rounds for time of

  • 15 over head squats at half of what we lifted in strength portion (45#)
  • 250m row

It was a chest burner! I finished in 18:22.

Saturday, March 29: I dedicated this pregnancy version of the CrossFit Games Open 14.5 to Doyle, who we lost a year ago today. It was a tragic loss for my entire family and a day doesn’t go by where I don’t think of him or one of his funny sayings/words of wisdom. Never in my life have I met someone more selfless or stoic.

With Mimi & Doyle - July 4th - 2012

With Mimi & Doyle – July 4th – 2012

During his funeral, the first reading was from the Book of Micah:

Micah 6:8

Micah 6:8

Since then, that verse has become the Team Leatherman family creed.

Even a modified version of 14.5 was a chest burner and exceptionally grueling. I powered through in honor, ending my rounds at 9:45, with Micah 6:8 on repeat.

CrossFit Open 14.5

CrossFit Open 14.5

I did 21-15-9-3 thrusters at 65# and step-ups instead of burpees (my belly is too big at this point and I tend to slam myself down during burpees anyway). My heart rate almost got to 170, so I had to take a few water breaks to trim it back, but felt good finishing!

35 weeks 14 (2)

Crossfitandpregnant version of 14.5

Crossfitandpregnant version of 14.5

Coach Melissa determined the modifications and got both Sara and me through it.

Meghan and Sara with Coach Melissa!

Meghan and Sara with Coach Melissa!

Food: I’m craving iced tea, which is unusual for me outside pregnancy. I’m still drinking coffee and I love a nightly ginger ale. Ice is also a weird craving. I love all my drinks to be overflowing with ice. Totally random. Food has been fairly paleo. We’ve been starting our day with a fruit & greens smoothie, ever since our San Diego trip. I’m at the point now that if I don’t have one, it effects the rest of my day’s energy and focus. I do eat Greek yogurt and still love ice cream (but that’s definitely always a craving, pregnancy or not!). I’m not trying to be strict paleo or beat myself up over anything. Just focused on 7-8 servings of fruits and veggies with good doses of protein.

Feeling: My hips are definitely expanding and are tight. The extra weight can be felt if I have to stand for any length of time. The weekly visits to the chiropractor is definitely relieving a lot of my discomfort. It gets to a point where I can tell I haven’t been in a week to see her. The heat ultrasound she gives me on my shoulder blades reduces a lot of inflammation and pain. Don’t know what I’d do without her!


Pregnancy: Week 11

So, I’m finally caught up to myself on the blog! Yippee! And I’m heading into my second trimester which will bring more of a reveal to who I am. While we’ve enjoyed sharing our special news with family and friends in person, it’s just not possible for everyone in our lives given the great geographic differences. Once we’ve shared with everyone, I’ll share more about me with you. Thanks for your patience!

This was a really tough week for exhaustion and pain. Especially the pain. Eleven years ago, I had a breast reduction, going from an almost E cup size to a B. I am so happy with that decision because it brought me much relief in back pain, trips to the chiropractor and the ability to shed my ugly, huge, expensive bras for the much cuter and more economical alternatives. However, in these 11 weeks, my chest has grown rapidly in preparation. My bras are barely fitting and there are days where the tenderness is overwhelming. To top it off, this week, my back felt the brunt of the growth. And it was very uncomfortable to sleep, hence the exhaustion.

I got a chiropractor appointment on Friday morning. Not only did that provide me instant relief, she also gave me a few tips for sleeping and a scapula brace to help with my posture. After my appointment, I napped most of the day!

My stomach is also beginning to pooch, but instead of the cute bump, I just look like a fat kid. Looking forward to the cute bump! This is not a fun phase since I  have worked so hard to not have a tummy the last 3+ years.

As a result of the back pain, I laid off CrossFit so I wouldn’t hurt myself further. I did make it to one WOD, but the rest of the week, I just took our dog on really long walks.

Week Eleven WODS:

Oct. 8 Warm up row for 3 minutes

Strength/skill: 400 m run (2:18/166 rpm for heart rate) + 500m row (2:13/163 rpm)

Metcon: Three Rounds for time – weighted run (45/25), 30 weighted sit ups, 20 ground to overhead, 15 box jumps (24/20) – 16:55/168 rpm. I ditched the weights for the first two movements because of my back + pregnancy. I really had to slow myself down with everything to better keep my heart rate in check. Wasn’t easy since I’m so stinking competitive!

Oct. 13 2.15 mile run with the pooch. Took about 25 minutes (had some potty stops with pooch) and heart rate reached 164 rpm. Felt great to have running weather again!

Food: This week was much easier to get back into cooking. The hubs was praising Jesus and all that’s holy. While I managed some cooking, I also had some crazy cravings – Cheez Its, Fruity Peebles (yes, seriously!), Barbara’s peanut butter Puffins and popsicles.

Breakfast has been really difficult and making sure I’m getting enough veggies is equally challenging. Today I made ham and egg cups to help the both problems. Super simple and paleo –  preheat oven to 350 degrees; saute 1/2 cup of onion and 1/2 cup of mushrooms; spray muffin tin with olive oil spray and place ham slices in cups; spoon in mushroom and onion mix; crack individual eggs into ham cups; bake for 15 minutes or until ham edges are crisp. Enjoy!

Balanced breakfast

Balanced breakfast