Pregnancy: Week 40

Well, that Baby L had us fooled. Here I thought early; the hubs thought on time; and it’s five days overdue. Quite the test of patience for us already.

CrossFit with momma

CrossFit with momma

Despite the patience testing, it was a fun week.

Pooch is camera ready!

Pooch is camera ready!

Interview time

Interview time

Saturday we were interviewed about our CrossFit and pregnant experience. While I can’t divulge major details right now, it was a fun day. The hubs was amazing on camera and throughout the interview. We did part of it at home and the other part in Back Alley CrossFit with Coach Melissa and my non-preggers WOD pal Hadar. They were both rock stars on camera, too! We did a mix of video and still shoots. Can’t wait to see final product – stay tuned!

Coach Melissa getting interview prepped.

Coach Melissa getting interview prepped.

Hadar, Chad and Momma watch

Hadar, Chad and Momma watch

Hadar's turn!

Hadar’s turn!

On Sunday, momma, Chad, Frankie and I enjoyed a leisurely morning. We walked to brunch and popped in some shops. That evening my dad arrived and we met the aunties for an Italian dinner. Everyone kept telling me I needed to eat eggplant – so where better than an Italian joint?! I topped it with asking for it to be made spicy and they delivered … but I sure didn’t!

Monday, we went to the doctor. Still about one centimeter dilated … she stripped my membranes (not pleasant!) and told us sex-sex-sex. These docs love the sex!

Lounging with pooch

Lounging with pooch

The rest of the week was focused on R&R. Napping, reading, a pedicure, trip to the chiropractor, making yummy dinners, walking, watching movies (including “The Other Woman” HILARIOUS!), and CrossFit. All in all, a good week.

I’m just really to the point of becoming uncomfortable. CrossFit definitely makes me feel better and provides a sense of normalcy. The temps haven’t been too bad either, especially at night, so I’m not experiencing terrible sweating fits (yet!). It is supposed to be in the 100’s this weekend.

We’ve gotten many questions on inducement since I am past due. Luckily, our office isn’t huge on that. I did have a non-stress test (NST) and AFI test for fluids today. I’m dilated another centimeter; all my levels are normal; the baby is still very active; it’s all we can hope for. I prefer to try for natural options – more selfishly because I want to know what everything feels like. I have started second guessing all the movement, cramping, what I thought were contractions, etc. In the meantime, we’ll do another series of tests on Monday and meet with the doctor to discuss next steps … unless Baby L decides to come this weekend.

Week 40 WODs: Another great week of successes!

Saturday, April 26: warm up 300m row

Strength: Back Squat 3×5 + 1 – 150# – new PR. This was achieved during filming. I realized in prepping for it that I hadn’t done a one rep max back squat pr attempt since 2012. Definitely time. Unfortunately, we ran out of time with filming and photography getting in the way. Coach Melissa thinks I can definitely handle another 20-30#.

Monday, April 28: warm up

Strength: overhead squats 5×6 – 75#

Metcon: 12:50

  • 750m row 250m row
  • 25 burpees (on wall)
  • 25 push press (75#)
  • 25 air squats
  • 800m run/walk 400m walk

Tuesday, April 29: warm up

Strength: ring work in place of bench press

Metcon: 4 rounds – 15:15

  • 10 deadlifts (225/155)
  • 20 hand release push ups (on wall)
  • 10 dead hang pulls ups ring rows
  • 20 v-sits

Wednesday, April 30: warm up

Back Squat

Back Squat

Getting low

Getting low



Strength: Back Squat, find 1 rep max Got to 165#!!!

Metcon: 10 min AMRAP – 2+20

  • 5 back squat (953)
  • 15 box jumps (step ups)
  • 200m row
  • 5 back squat
  • 15 box jumps
  • 200m row

Friday, May 2: Warm up – 200m row

Strength: deadlift 4×6, don’t pause at top. Worked to 165#. Definitely feeling the pregnancy in my hips and low back.

Push press with the hubs

Strict press with the hubs

Strict Press

Strict Press

Metcon: 5min AMRAP – 2+5

  • 10 ring dips
  • 10 strict push press (65#)
  • 5 elevated push ups

Food: paleo, spicy, eggplant … anything to get this baby out! Seriously, been eating well. Still love icees, ice cream and iced tea!


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