Case of the Mondays? Think again.

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It’s easy to joke about getting a “case of the Mondays,” right? I hear it all the time. Facebook feeds become clogged with Monday rants. I’m right there with you; who wants to abandon the weekend for work?

My perspective changed this morning. Today, my Monday and the way I am able to live it, is a blessing.

Get that?

The way I want to and CAN live this Monday is my blessing.

My alarm rang at 5:46 a.m., urging me to get out of the comforts of my cozy bed with my boys, to dress for CrossFit. I got up to turn off my alarm and my quads were screaming at me; the after effects of 14.5. As I walked back to bed, I debated on what to do. “Should I hit the box?” “Tackle flow yoga this afternoon?” “Pass the buck completely?”

I laid back down and logged into Facebook, while listening to the sweet snores of Frankie beside me.

One of the first updates to catch my eye was from one of my high school friends, Brienne. I met Brienne my freshman year. She was a year older, quite popular, an avid cross-country and track runner, and one of the most positive, fun people I had ever met. I got to know Brie even better outside the halls of BHS because I started dating her older brother. During high school, Brie was always uplifting, energetic, positive and on the move.

As it happens, once she graduated, I didn’t see much of her, but have enjoyed keeping tabs via Facebook. She now has two gorgeous kids, bravely launched her own Barre studio, and resides in St. Louis.

So, why on this “dreadful” Monday did Brie’s post catch my eye?

Because her posts in the last two weeks are anything but normal for those of us in our early 30’s. Brie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is now residing in Vanderbilt Medical, enduring treatments.

Brie at VUMC

Brie at VUMC

Her post this morning motivated me to appreciate having a Monday to do all the normal things. She wrote:

“It has been a hard morning, emotionally. Physically I am feeling fine, praise The Lord for that. I decided to get on the ground and cry, then I decided to change my playlist, stand, get coffee, and tape cards all over the walls! And, there is a sunrise, so that is good. I just want an ordinary Monday morning right now. One day…”

How could I not get out of bed and use it to the best of my ability? To appreciate an “ordinary” Monday? To honor Brie by doing so?

Money is being raised to help Brie with her kids and her business. Our friend Anna wrote an awesome post on her blog, The Yellow Table (highly recommend following if you’re a foodie). You call also donate directly to the GoFundMe site. And to read more about Brie, her awesome personality is shining through on her CaringBridge site, CancersDumb.

My WOD for Brie today:

warm up stretches

Strength: back squat 10-8-6-4-2 I ended with 125#. Screw my screaming quads

Whiteboard this morning

Whiteboard this morning

Metcon: 12 min AMRAP (I did two mods because I was working around some folks and oh, yeah, I’m preggers). I finished 4 rounds + 14

  • 12 wall balls med ball cleans (20/14)
  • 12 burpee tuck jumps jumping jacks
  • 12 deadlifts (135/95)

So, that’s what I did. I urge you to do the same. Honor today. Honor your body. Honor your relationships near and far.

acute lymphoblastic leukemia
diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia