Pregnancy: Week 12

YAY! Second trimester has officially started. We had a doctor appointment early in the week and heard the heartbeat. We both swooned. It was a crazy experience to hear that rapid pitter-patter coming from inside me.

Because we had such a successful appointment, we started sharing our news with more family and friends. We’ve enjoyed sharing our joy and hearing everyone’s reaction; however, nothing beats telling people in person or via FaceTime. With sharing our news, we’ve also received some great advice. There are some days I’m feeling lost … most specifically with attire. In addition to my boobs being huge and uncomfortable, my waist is expanding. Luckily, most of my pants still fit and I have a few pairs from my fat days tucked away that I can use.

I did ask the hubs after our appointment if I was being too nonchalant about our pregnancy. I felt like the doctor expected us to ask more questions or have more to say. The hubs said, “I feel like you’re approaching this like you did planning our wedding; you’re focused on things that you can control and that are important to you and aren’t worried about the things outside our control.” Excellent point.

I’ve had so many friends and family trail blaze this pregnancy chapter in life and I’ve learned a lot from them. Because of everything I’ve seen and heard:

  • I know we want a hospital birth;
  • I’m not opposed to drugs;
  • I want to avoid a c-section, if possible;
  • I would love to breastfeed, if it works out;
  • I am confident in my husband’s ability to coach me through labor;
  • I don’t want a cast of thousands in the delivery room (let’s be honest, just the hubs);
  • I want to transition the pooch comfortably so he loves and protects the baby instead of feeling replaced;
  • I want to be healthy and continue my workout regime.

I honestly believe the final bullet – the fact that we are typically paleo and CrossFit 3-4x a week allowed us easy conception and first trimester. I’ve been in touch with some amazing women who either CrossFitted during their pregnancy or are currently CrossFitting and pregnant. I can’t wait to share their stories with you. I’ll reveal a bit more about myself in the coming week (still need to broach some job hurdles) and then will start sharing the stories of others. Thanks for staying tuned!

Week Twelve WODS: So stoked I made it back to the box three times this week. In previous weeks, we were traveling and I had such extreme exhaustion, I really struggled. However, I have realized my exhaustion isn’t as extreme when I workout. Go figure!

Oct. 14 Warm up

Strength/skill: Push Press 3×5 Made it to 90# (about 80% of my PR)

Metcon: For time: 150 push ups; every fail or break, do 40 double unders or 120 singles – 20:21 I SUCK at double unders, so 720 singles it was! Average heart rate: 155 (surprised my coach it was lower than my normal days).

Oct. 15 Warm up

Strength/skill: Clean & Jerk 2×5 95# (about 15 pounds less than my pr)

Metcon: Two rounds for time – 40 russian kbs (1.5/1 pood), 30 box jumps (24’/20′), 20 hspu – 9:23. I do step ups instead of jumps on the box. Heart rate: 168

Oct. 17 Warm up

Metcon: Partner WOD for time – 40 snatches (135/95), 400m run, 40 muscle ups (3 ring dips + 3 pull ups = 1 mu), 800m run. Alternate reps with partner for snatches and muscle ups; run together. We did 65# on snatches and did the modified muscle ups (that took a lot of time!). Time: 39:51. Heart rate: 165

Food: Cooking during the week was easy and paleo focused. I did our favorite short rib recipe, spaghetti squash with meat sauce and a shepard’s pie. Lots of leftovers, which always makes the hubs happy. Thursday night I craved Boston Market’s sides (SO random considering I haven’t had Boston Market in 15+ years), so I went carb crazy with the cornbread, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and mac n’ cheese; chicken, too! It was so tasty!