Pregnancy: Week 13

This was a tough week on a number of levels.

1. I have never had significant body image issues, but I am now. I’m in that weird state between having the tiny pooch and the obvious baby belly. Nothing fits and I feel like a fat kid every time I look in the mirror. It’s been tough mentally because I have worked SO hard the last two years getting into the best shape of my life. And now, all that’s changing. I get that it’s temporary and for the single most important reason in life … but knowing that doesn’t make it easier.

2. This was the first week I couldn’t do a metcon Rx. This was the first week I had to pull back from doing Rx during a metcon. My heart rate was skyrocketing during the first four minutes and I knew it would continue to climb dangerously if I didn’t do something differently. Instead of taking constant breaks (pointless given the workout design), I dropped weight. And I cried. Through the rest of the workout. I am so thankful for my coach and my best workout friend were right there for me. They were in my face telling me of course I could lift the weight, but I was making the responsible decision to pull back.

3. I started a new job on Monday and worked almost 20 hours at my part time job. Phew that was exhausting!

Week Thirteen WODS

Oct. 21 Warm up – row 400m row (148 heart rate)

Strength/skill: split squat with 1 pood KB – 5 sets of 7 each leg – ring dips 5 sets (157 heart rate)

Metcon: 12 min amrap – 7 sumo deadlift high pull (95/65), 7 burpees (I modified with 1 push up + 1 jumping jack = 1 burpee), 7 push ups – 5+19 (169 heart rate max)

Oct. 22 Warm up

Strength/skill: back squat 5×6. Did 80% of PR – 125#


  • 5 kbs (1.5/1 pood) + 5 thrusters (95/65) – 4 min amrap – 25 (this is where I lost my sh*t since my heart rate jumped so high)
  • 2 min rest
  • 5 cleans (95/65) + 5 weighted sit ups (45/25) – 4 min amrap – 50, but dropped to 45# & eliminated weight during sit ups
  • 2 min rest
  • 5 push press (95/65) + 5 t2b – 4 min amrap – 50, but did 45#

Oct 26 Ran 2.5 miles with the dog (164 heart rate)

Food: I’ve evened out a bit, but still need carbs to get through the day. I also need coffee since I’m worn out from all that’s going on!