Documentary about Women in CrossFit

There is a documentary about women in CrossFit in production and the production team is seeking support to carry out the project.

From the project:

PR_Email copy

PR is a feature length documentary following women in CrossFit from all different walks of life, from CrossFit Games icons and competitors, to up-and-coming athletes and coaches. We currently have three women we plan on following for the film: Christmas Abbott, Carleen Mathews, and Jennifer Monaghan.

The goal with this film is to show the beauty of the sport while also attempting to capture what drives and motivates these women. We’re trying to create a film that helps women overcome stigmas associated with body image and social expectation, while also giving a look at the future of the sport.

We’re currently running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funding for the film. We’re hoping you might help us get the word out. We’re only asking that you simply share the link on Facebook. It would only take five seconds of your time and you’d be helping change the perception of women in fitness.

Please support and share!

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