The 2016 CrossFit Games | Quick Thoughts


The CrossFit Games never fail to entertain or inspire. We spent all week and weekend glued to the AppleTV taking delight in the constantly changing leader board to see who would come out on top.

{@fikowski Instagram}

{@fikowski Instagram}

  • Loved all the rookie appearances, but was most impressed with Canadian, Brent Fikowski. He came out of nowhere!


  • The Dottirs are amazing. What incredible role models for young women worldwide – not only with their athletic prowess, but also with their positive attitudes and work ethic. Congrats to Katrin, Sara, and Annie, most especially for always smiling!
CrossFit Mayhem Freedome {}

CrossFit Mayhem Freedome {}

Lucas Parker {@toqueluc on Twitter}

Lucas Parker {@toqueluc on Twitter}

  • FG is now a super fan of Lucas Parker, just like her momma. How can you resist the beard?! {pictured: Heber Canon, CrossFit Media} {pictured: Heber Canon, CrossFit Media}

  • Mad props to the CrossFit Media team. Man that crew can haul booty … almost as well as the ranked athletes. The Facebook Live footage gave such a cool “behind the scenes” feel. {deadlift ladder}

  • A return to The Ranch was epic.

Even some of the commercials inspired … especially this one:–/

I’m with Brooke Ence, what are we supposed to look like?!

What were your Games takeaways? Share in comments!


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