Athlete Profile: Colleen White

I’m so excited to be featuring Colleen White (nee Rooney). We were introduced by a mutual friend {many} years ago during a wild college St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Santa Clara, Calif. Colleen is one of those women you’re easily drawn to – she has an infectious smile, is overtly friendliness, and, most applicable to CrossFit, a fierce determination.

Colleen in her early CrossFit days

Colleen in her early CrossFit days

Colleen started CrossFit nine years ago. I vividly remember seeing pictures of her when she started lifting crazy amounts of weight – this was long before I had even heard of CrossFit – and I was so impressed. Nine years later, my admiration has only increased as she’s preparing to welcome her second baby. Here’s Colleen’s CrossFitandPregnant story:

Colleen jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon in 2006 to impress a guy. He was the coach and so she signed up for his 5:30 a.m. class. She made a good impression because they married three years later, moved to Texas, and built a box in their garage.

In 2012, Colleen got pregnant and stopped CrossFit, but swam and walked to stay conditioned. This time around, she’s maintained CrossFit with the support of her husband and doctor.

Ben, supportive hubby!

Ben, supportive hubby!

“My husband is supportive of my activity level – he encourages me to take it easy and to listen to my body – not push myself to be a rockstar or prove anything, but to stay active and healthy,” Colleen shared. “Similarly, my doctor encouraged me to do whatever I did before and to listen to my body; that my body would tell me if I was doing something it didn’t like and to stop when it hurt.”

Since her belly is beyond protruding, Colleen’s substituted kettlebells for many of the Olympic lifts. She recommends that other women learn to snatch with a kettlebell before pregnancy, so you can maintain the mechanics of the lift and not have to deal with the bump. “I use them instead of snatching, jerking, and deadlifting. I’ve been able to swing heavy kettlebells the whole time and they provide great cardio.”

39 weeks with her CrossFit crew

39 weeks with her CrossFit crew

And she’s feeling great as a result. Due in just a few days (May 8!), Colleen has achieved her goals of staying active and strong this pregnancy. A member of CrossFit Coppell Central, Colleen is encouraged and supported by fellow members. “They’ve all been proud of my efforts and it helps make me feel proud also.”

“It’s been great to hear people being inspired by my activity level,” Colleen said. “I’m not always inspired by myself, but then I take a step back and realize that I am accomplishing great things.”

She continued, “I aim to be a role model for others who don’t believe that they are capable and to my children in showing them that women are strong and that trying your best and teamwork helps you be successful in life.”

Looking fantastic at six months!

Looking fantastic at six months!

You’re definitely a role model, Colleen!

More from Colleen:

Since doing CrossFit while pregnant, I’ve learned: to be humble. pregnancy and the body is an amazing machine and I need to respect the process, even if it means modifying all the time. J

Do you follow a particular eating lifestyle? Yes & No – We eat healthily, but there are times when I give into my cravings. I do balance out my diet with a daily Shakeology shake; great opportunity to add whole foods and lots of greens into my body even when I don’t really have a taste for it.

Best CrossFit and pregnant tip or secret you’ve discovered: In addition to using kettlebells, I suggest to keep wearing workout clothes that make you feel good. I am always stronger and can do more when I feel like I look good and look strong.

Lessons learned: I am capable. My body is different from nine years ago and it’s different when I’m pregnant. I’m embracing it all. There are frustrating days, but my goal is just to show up. I have to cut myself slack when I’m pregnant.

If you could do it all again, you would: Do the same thing: push it when I can, rest when I need to, but to keep showing up and working hard.

Favorite quote: “She believed she could so she did.”

Favorite girl WOD: Fight Gone Bad is my all-time favorite WOD – it’s not a girl WOD – but anything with thrusters, I’m in!

Three words that describe me: mother, wife, strong

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