Barbells for Boobs a Success

Courtesy of Barbells For Boobs

Courtesy of Barbells For Boobs

The Barbells for Boobs event was a huge success. I surpassed my fundraising goal; thanks to my many friends and family for helping me make a difference.

And I was 10 seconds shy of completing my “Grace” goal. I took 4:10 instead of under 4 min. Still really pleased since it’s been quite awhile since I’ve thrown that much weight around consecutively 30 times. When I was struggling to get that weight overhead and I had jiggly arms, I thought of the brave battle my Aunt committed to and won. Definitely easier to push through that way!

I had the best cheerleading section, too.

My cheerleaders

My cheerleaders

What inspires you to push harder?

One thought on “Barbells for Boobs a Success

  1. Congratulations Meghan and I love you and your cheerleading section. Way to go and I am so proud of you. I meant to donate in Mary’s name too, but your fundraiser came up faster than I was thinking it would. Should have marked it on the calendar in the first place.
    Way to go!!!


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