Pregnancy Week 38

Week 38 was a huge tease. Huge.

I started cramping on Sunday during church; labor cramping to the point that we had to leave after the Eucharist and I sat most of mass. My reaction? I was immediately excited. Chad was more skeptical … and the hubs won out. Not much more happened.

38 weeks, climbing South Mountain with Heather

38 weeks, climbing South Mountain with Heather

Full Moon Hike recap

Full Moon Hike recap

Tuesday night, we joined our friend Heather for a full moon hike at South Mountain. We had never hiked this trail. It was gorgeous and very different from the trails we frequent. And watching the moon rise was spectacular. It rose as a sliver of orange and as it was cresting, the coyotes started barking and howling. That put pooch on high alert! We sat and watched it rise and transform for almost an hour before heading down. It was a magical night; the baby thought so too, because it gave me more cramping (yippee!).

Wednesday morning, at the chiropractor, the doc that adjusts my hips was confident I would deliver this week given the shift in my body and hips…

Since then, it’s been a mix of mild contractions and cramping. I’ve been trying some of the old wives tales – spicy food and long walks – coupled with CrossFit. Friday, we saw our doctor. The result? Still just one centimeter of dilation. She did say there was noticeable difference and progress from the prior week, but clearly not enough to deliver! Her recommendation? Sex. Lots of it! Quite the homework assignment!

Thursday was the final day of my work contract. I’m officially a free woman to test out my new job as a momma. So, now we wait!

Gorgeous flowers from Hadar

Gorgeous flowers from Hadar

A visit from cuzzie David

A visit from cuzzie David


Great lunch with David, Renee, Chad and Frankie

Great lunch with David, Renee, Chad and Frankie

It’s been a week of blessings from friends and family. Awesome support via cards, gifts, flowers, calls, texts and visits. Baby L is definitely the talk of our world and we appreciate all the love and well-wishes.

So many are anxiously awaiting this little person, including big brother Frankie. He’s a smart dog, but the way he’s acting indicates he really know something more is in store for him. He’s extra focused on me and seeking lots of love. Happy to oblige!

Big Brother, patiently waiting

Big Brother, patiently waiting

Week 38 WODs: Another killer week: feeling great, lifting heavy, and having a ton of energy.

Lovin from Hadar and Kim

Lovin from Hadar and Kim

The ever awesome (and patient!) Coach Melissa

The ever awesome (and patient!) Coach Melissa

Monday, April 14: warm up

strength: front squat 10-8-6-4-2. Worked to 145# (probably another PR)

metcon: 14 min amrap: 4 rounds + 100m row

  • 100m row
  • 10 slam balls (25/15)
  • 10 air squats
  • 10 push press (65#)

Tuesday, April 15: warm up

Strength: Bench press was programmed, but not recommended for preggers. I did shoulders to overhead from the back 5×2. Got to 95#x1 (probably another PR).

Metcon: 14 min amrap: 6 rounds

  • 8 deadlifts (215/135) I did 125#
  • 6 chest to bar pull ups. I did ring rows
  • 15 air squats

That night, full moon hike. ~3.5 miles. Heart rate spiked climbing up. Could definitely feel the morning of deadlifts in my back on the incline, too! Took many breaks.

Thursday, April 17 warm up: 200m run

skill: tabata row (got to 615m), bar hang (could only hang 13 of the 20 seconds), med ball cleans (14#, 33 reps)

Tabata explanation from For 20 seconds, do as many reps of assigned exercise, then rest 10 seconds. Repeat seven times for a total of eight intervals. Translates to four minutes of total exercise.

metcon: 11+4 push jerks

Push Press

Push Press

  • 6 min amrap
  • 4 push press (135/95) 75#
  • 6 burpee pull ups ring rows
  • 2 min rest
  • 6 min amrap
  • 4 push jerk (135/95) 75#
  • 6 burpee pull ups ring rows

Friday, April 18 warm up: 200m run

metcon: “Dirty 30”: 22:50

  • 30 box jumps (24/20) / step ups 20″
  • 30 jumping pull ups / ring rows
  • 30 kettle bell swings (35/25)
  • 30 walking lunges
  • 30 knees to elbows
  • 30 push press (45/35)
  • 30 good mornings (45/35)
  • 30 wall balls (20/14)
  • 30 burpees / on wall
  • 30 double unders / 90 singles

Food: paleo and ice! and ice cream. It’s so stinking hot already in the Valley, that ice and ice cream offer sweet relief!


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