Pregnany: Week Seven

My weekly goal is to CrossFit at least three times a week. During week seven, I met that goal. Overall, I’m feeling great. I have days of extreme exhaustion, but that’s easily cured with a nap or some mindless t.v. I have been very lucky to have had no morning sickness or nausea; I really think that has to do with CrossFit and constantly moving.

The hubs did buy me a Polar heart rate monitor this week. The nurse told me to keep my rate around 140, but according to Fit Pregnancy:

For a more precise heart-rate measurement, the Fit Pregnancy website recommends pregnant women use target heart ranges. Unfit, sedentary or overweight women ages 20 to 29 should aim for 129 to 144 beats per minute; those 30 to 39 should stay within 128 to 144. Active women ages 20 to 29 should aim for 132 to 152 BPM; those 30 to 39, 129 to 148 BPM. A range of 145 to 160 BPM is recommended for fit women ages 20 to 29, and 140 to 156 for ages 30 to 39.

I’ve been focusing more on how I feel during the WODs and the heart rate monitor helps me determine where I’m at during the workouts.

Week Seven WODs:

Sept. 9 Warm up

Strength/skill: 3 rep max OHS: 70# PR

Metcon: “Jess” 28 reps of: pullups, thrusters (75/45), KBS, box jumps, weighted sit ups (45/25 – I did without the weights), walking lunges (45/25) – 10:27

Sept. 10 Warm up: 500m row

Strength/skill: snatch balance 3×6, worked up to 75#

Metcon: 16 min amrap 10 reps of: slam balls, push press (95/65), air squats – 7 + 10

Sept. 11 Warm up

Strength/skill: 1 rep max of bench (110# not a PR) / back squat (145# PR!) / deadlift (200# PR!)

Metcon: 8 min amrap, 4 reps of: pull ups, burpees, box jumps – 11 rounds with modified burpees; subbed in push ups and jumping jacks instead of burpees. I tend to slam my belly on burpees, so it’s not worth the risk!

Food: eating whatever sounds good. Paleo-shmaleo is the mindset right now. Mac & cheese and ice cream? Yes, please!

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